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The Project Meeting Facilitator

Our new book The Project Meeting Facilitator will be hitting the shelves in early October 2007.  You can pre-order your copy now on Amazon.com

Have you ever been involved in a project that didn’t require a meeting?  Neither have we.  Well-run project meetings allow teams to get through the maze of distractions and obstacles to achieve results.  Unfortunately many project meetings aren’t well-run.  They are viewed by team members as unproductive, tedious, wastes of precious time.  But you can change that.  The Project Meeting Facilitator contains practical techniques and practices that will help you facilitate your meetings more effectively; transforming them into well-planned, well-managed journeys that engage the team while achieving the intended goals. 

Here's what our early readers are saying...

“Being a facilitative project manager may seem like an oxymoron to some, but it is the underlying success criteria in most collaborative environments and is the underlying theme throughout The Project Meeting Facilitator.  The book is focused on traditional project meeting facilitation techniques but is easily applied in more iterative approaches like Agile, Lean or Design-Build methodologies.

David Spann, Certified Professional Facilitator

Past MBA Director at Westminster College, Salt Lake City, Utah

President, Agile Adaptive Management

“Every project manager should read this—all need this skill and this book provides clear, straightforward, easy to follow, guidance for better meetings and more successful projects based on the sound project management and facilitation experience of the authors.”

Gary Rush, Certified Professional Facilitator

President, MGR Consulting

“Jan, Tammy, and Michael have done it again!  Their previous masterwork, Facilitating the Project Lifecycle, was a must-have for every project manager. This time their focus is even sharper:  a whole book devoted specifically to the facilitator's role—and to the skills and mindset required to execute that role effectively. This book is so loaded with tools, techniques and templates that even seasoned project managers will keep their copies close at hand.”

Sam Kaner, Author

Facilitator's Guide to Participatory Decision Making 

“For anyone thrown into the stormy world of managing project meetings and herding humans, The Project Meeting Facilitator provides the definitive survival kit to enable the preparation, management and successful achievement of results from the necessary evil of project meetings. Tammy Adams, Jan Means and Michael Spivey have combined their years of experience in real world facilitation and teaching to provide any facilitator with a ‘Who, What, When and When Not’ guide, supported by real tools, examples and pitfalls.”

Dale Carr, Manager

Business Analysis 

Facilitating the Project Lifecycle

Jan Means and Tammy Adams

Drawing on over 20 years of experience each, the authors contribute real-world experiences to demonstrate how project managers can use collaborative work sessions to develop key project deliverables faster, with greater quality, while also obtaining the benefits of group buy-in and ownership.

This book:

  • Goes beyond facilitation as "meeting management" to describe how to elicit, analyze, verify and translate a group's knowledge and expertise into tangible deliverables

  • Provides explicit guidance on how to use specific facilitation and modeling techniques in a group setting

  • Shares specific examples of using specialized work sessions with Six Sigma projects

  • Provides practical “how to's” for Project Managers, Facilitators and Project Teams who need to get a team to work together toward specific project goals.

  • Includes a CD-Rom of tools and templates that are usable "out of the box"

What Our Readers are Saying ..


“The real roadblock to a successful project is invariably people. This book tackles this challenge head on by leveraging group dynamics to bring teams to consensus and break down barriers to successful project delivery.”

Strategic IT Modernization Consultant
William M. Ulrich, President
Tactical Strategy Group, Inc.


“Anyone who runs projects effectively knows that project success is rooted in people. Facilitating the Project Life Cycle puts people on center stage, which makes it exceptional among project management books.”

J. Davidson Frame, PhD, PMP
Academic Dean
University of Management and Technology


“Today's people-intensive, accelerated project life cycles require much more than project management technical skills. To succeed requires that project managers and team members be adept at forming partnerships and become expert at facilitating problem-solving and decision-making work sessions. In this timely, unique and highly practical book, Jan Means and Tammy Adams give us a tool kit of skills, templates and techniques essential for success on any project.”

Doug DeCarlo, Author
eXtreme Project Management:
Using Leadership. Principles and Tools
to Deliver Value in the Face of Volatility


”This book does an amazing job of applying facilitation to the complexities of project management. I can't imagine a project leader who wouldn't want to keep this resource handy!”

Ingrid Bens, M.Ed.
Author of Facilitating With Ease!


“Jan Means and Tammy Adams have spent years with the nuts and bolts of running project work sessions. In Facilitating the Project Lifecycle, they generously open their notebooks, sharing hard-won procedures, session designs and tips that would take years to acquire on your own.”

Maureen Jenkins, Chair
International Association of Facilitators


“Technology and processes can be engineered; people need to be facilitated for results. My experience with Tammy and Jan is that they facilitate projects to results. This book is a roadmap to the readers' success to facilitate teams to realize business improvements and change through projects.”

Wes Hopmans
Director of IT
Crane & Co., Inc.


“This book will help project managers, business facilitators, six sigma teams and subject matter experts work collaboratively to charter projects and understand business requirements for those projects. It is chockfull of helpful session templates, guidelines and resources.”

Ellen Gottesdiener
EBG Consulting, Inc.,
Author of Requirements by Collaboration:
Workshops for Defining Needs



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